Brazilian serial killer becomes criminal commentator on YouTube

Killer Petey or Pedrinho Matador at his Youtube channel

Pedrinho Matador or Pedro Rodrigues Filho is one of the biggest serial killers in Brazil. The man is responsible for the death of more than 100 people who, according to him, were classified as “bad people”. Pedro had a code of conduct that defined who was good or bad and it was accordingly that he also decided who would live and who would die.

Not only did he decide, as he did with his own hands. In his body, he tattooed countless words of hate, such as “kill for pleasure,” “revenge,” and “hate.” He defined himself as a murderer with no remorse and believed that he was actually doing something good for humanity.

Condemnation and release

Even after being arrested, the serial killer continued to commit crimes. He murdered about 40 people inside the prison and so had to spend much of his sentence separate from the other prisoners. For all crimes, Pedro was sentenced to 128 years in prison. Despite the lengthy sentence, the most he could accomplish would be 30 years. Since Brazilian law prohibits anyone from spending more than 30 years behind bars. The man was released in 2007, however, the numerous crimes he committed within the chain also delayed his release.

Pedro was condemned again, this time for the crimes he committed within the jail. In 2011, the serial killer was recaptured. There were another 7 years in prison, until 2018. About 7 months free, Pedro is released and now works as YouTuber.

Pedrinho Matador on YouTube

Soon after leaving prison this year, Pedro opened a channel on YouTube, following the advice of a friend. Currently, the channel already has more than 29,000 subscribers. All videos on the channel total more than 2 million views. In the channel, Peter shows his new life and passes a message very different from the one he preached before. Now the man claims that he only wants peace.

He gives advice so that young people do not engage in drugs or crime. He stated in an interview with Folha de São Paulo, that his dream is to live in a remote place, taking care of some farmhouse. He contradictorily says that he does not regret having committed all the crimes, but rather he regrets having entered the life of the crime.

The crimes commented by Pedrinho are those that received popular attention. He has already commented on the aggression by a Carrefour security officer who killed a small dog, the case of the murder of soccer player Daniel and also the death of student Rayane Alves.

Pedrinho also uses the channel to alert his followers about the risks of criminal life. He becomes irritated with behaviors that go against his code of conduct, such as depredating bus stops, skating sidewalks, disrespecting older people, or even lying to parents about where they are going. “I see all this with my eyes. It’s not just the drug that gets in the way of people’s lives.”

Pedrinho tries to spread positive messages, but many criticize him. On the haters, he states: “I laugh.These guys are all dumb to hell, they do not stop to think about what they say.Where I passed, they do not even pass.”

In addition, the Petey the  is also producing a documentary about his life, which should be ready by February next year. A biography has also been thought of. The productions will bring facts about the crimes he committed and are still unknown to the general public.

To know more about Killer Petey or Pedrinho Matador in English, watch the video below or read more at his Wikipedia.

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