Brazilians have already paid R$ 100 billion in taxes in 2015

The brazilian taxometer, 100 billion reaisBrazilians already paid R$ 100 billion (yes, about U$D 500.000 million dollars) in taxes until this Friday (16), according to the measurement of Impostômetro (Taxometer) of the ACSP (Commercial Association of São Paulo) an online taxes measurer. The mark was reached at about 15:30 this Friday, January, the 16th, 2015..

The entity counts the federal, state and municipal taxes paid from the first day of this year. In 2014, the mark of 100 billion was hit on the same day of the year, January 16th.

The association’s president, Rogerio Amato, expects taxes to do not increase this year. “The expectation is that the tax burden will grow only in line with the inflation rate and GDP growth [gross domestic product],” he said.

The new finance minister, Joaquim Levy, has said that the government may review the collection of some taxes, but only after exhausting other options to adjust the country’s accounts.

On the website Impostômetro (, you can calculate what you can do with all the money. Do you know any other countries that have a taxometer?!

Impostômetro, the taxometer

The Impostômetro panel was opened on 20 April 2005 and is installed an the outside of the ACSP headquarters building in downtown São Paulo. Through the Internet, any citizen can monitor the total taxes paid by the Brazilian federal, state and local governments, according to the states and municipalities.

The system also reports the total of taxes paid since January 2000 and makes estimates of how much will be paid by December this year.

Max Francisco has been doing digital projects in Brazil and the US for the last 15 years.