Bumbet arrives in Brazil and bets if Lula will be arrested in 2017

Bumbet bet if Lula is going to jail in 2017.

Specialized on sport bets, the canadian website Bumbet, arrived in Brazil with a proposal for the Brazilian to bet if Lula would be arrested or not in 2017.

According to  O Globo, Bumbet calculated that the odds of Lula being arrested in 2017 is so low that whoever bet that the Brazilian ex-president will be arrested in 2017 will receive double their bet.

The betting website understands that if Lula remains free, their profit will be lower since the chance of that happening this year is so low.

Still according to O Globo, a bet about the future of the current President of Brazil, Michel Temer being removed from power was also created. The page is in portuguese and whoever has interest in participating can acces and place their bets by clicking here.

Bumbet bet if Lula is going to jail in 2017.
Bumbet bet if Lula is going to jail in 2017.

Bumbet.com (pronounced as it is written), which recently launched its services in the largest Latin American market, is seeking marketing activities in Brazil and already has television spots on major Brazilian networks (ESPN, Fox, Turner / Interactive Sports ).

In December, Bumbet’s official launch party took place with 250 friends at the popular Soul Sports Bar in São Paulo, with guests such as Ana Paula Minerato, Cadu Garcia, Dani Terra, Ariele Ferreira, Daniel Zukerman, Enrico Celico, Felipe Lombardi, Felipe Tito, Joanna Maranhão, Joao Gomes, Marianna Gonzalez, Marilia Moreno, Martin Mica, Maurren Maggi, Rafael Cortez, Rebeca Gasperini, Ronaldo Gasparian, Thiago Camilo, Willian Machado, Thiago Pereira and Christopher Clark.

Although the brand name will sound weird in the Portuguese language world, the first signs are that the Brazilians welcomed the new competitor in the explosive online betting industry in the region.

The company already has a full-time customer service (24/7), with fast and secure payments (accepting Bitcoins) in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Bumbet Director of Administration Michael Addison said: “We are just getting started, of course, but the signs are good and customer reception, based on reports and numbers, is more than encouraging. Some genuinely unique features and will therefore be very attractive in this ever-growing market.”

In Brazil, video bingo is a mode that is also growing and some sites already offer modern and fully interactive gaming platforms for both beginners and experienced gamblers.Bumbet (pronounced ‘boombet’) is a newly-launched Brazilian-focused bookmaker and it sent us a press release crowing about its achievements in Latin America’s biggest economy. While the brand name will raise a few eyebrows in the English-speaking world, early signs are that Brazilians have embraced the new entrant to the burgeoning online betting and online casino industry in the region.” There is no doubt it is an interesting move by Bumbet, although to say Brazil is a “burgeoning online betting” market is a bit odd; anyway here’s hoping it does well. It does feel weird writing the company’s name though, never mind saying it out loud, imagine introducing the company on an English-speaking conference panel…”

Bumbet Homepage in Portuguese.
Bumbet Homepage in Portuguese.
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