Political turmoil delays technology projects in the Brazilian Congress till 2017

In the midst of a political crisis in the country, one of the problems that causes more controversy in the Brazilian Congress is the game. Legalization of the game beyond the leap of faith in the lottery cause divisions in the House and the Senate and walk in a hurry without any consensus on the horizon. A bill pending in the Senate intends to legalize the casinos, bingos and even the famous game of animals (jogo do bicho). The proposal is one between more than 10 that wanted to release the games of chance. The legalization of the game in Brazil, suspended for more than 60 years, would generate at least R$ 29 billion and “an avalanche of jobs” for the country.

Wireless Internet on buses, online games and regulation of transport service through applications such as Uber are some of the issues that were to be voted by Congress in 2016, after a tumultuous year in which the priority of the Government was taking measures such as imposing a ceiling on public spending.

One of the projects that had possibility to be voted this year, regulates the operation of gambling, such as bingo halls, casinos, numbers game and online gambling in Brazil. The project got on the agenda for voting on December 14, however, at the request of the senators, who claimed lack of time for analysis and in-depth discussions on the matter was postponed to 2017.

Online casino keyboard.
Online casino keyboard.

According to the proposal, a forecast of 29 million Reais in income taxes arises from various forms of gambling. Of this total, between 10 and 40 percent of the revenue will come from online games. According to the initial proposal, 91 percent of the taxes on gambling would be allocated to social security, particularly for security, an area that has also been objective of discussions due to the proposed pension sector reform to reduce the central government deficit.

Interest in the online gaming

According to an advocate of consumer games interest, it is possible to control gambling addiction online. In an online game the operator can suspend the account of any player at anytime.

Either way, brazilians will gamble

There are places where such prohibitions are worthless. This is the case of the 15,700 km long borders of Brazil. One congressman pointed out that in São Tomé, a city bordering San Borja in Rio Grande do Sul, there is a casino that has been running for four years. “Now I see the movement of the ‘San Borjenses’ and all the people of the region of Rio Grande do Sul to the casino. It creates jobs in the hotel, creates jobs in the restaurant, generates employment for the taxi driver, it generates employment for all staff on the other side of the river, in Argentina, as in São Borja there is no casino. If we had a casino in Brazil, surely people would not go there,” he said.


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