Celeste Bonin, Kaitlyn, has naked photos leaked on the internet

First it was with Paige, a WWE wrestler who had sexual content leaked on the internet without her consent. It is now the turn of Celeste Bonin, known as Kaitlyn in American wrestling, who saw some of her nude photos being released by a hacker who invaded her cell phone. Celeste Bonin has retired from professional wrestling and today has a company of bodybuilding and fitness

The case of Paige, whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis, however, was a little more serious. She is still part of the WWE and may even be kicked out of the fight event. In addition to the naked pictures, videos of the muse with an ex-boyfriend circulated through social networks.

One of the many naked images of Kaitlyn that appeared on the internet.

One of the many naked images of Kaitlyn that appeared on the internet

Kaitlyn is no longer part of professional wrestling, having retired in 2014. She is 30 years old and has recently created Celestial Bodiez, a company focused on bodybuilding and fitness. In addition to the two, a third American sports muse had intimate content stolen and publicized. Summer Rae also suffered from exposure of some images, but the repercussion of her case was not as great as that of Paige and Kaitlyn.

Who is the Muse?
Celeste Beryl Bonin was born in October 1986 and was an American professional wrestler, where she was known as Kaitlyn. He worked for WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) until January 2014 and then trained at FCW and Smackdown, and won the NXT third season.

A group of hackers called “Paige in 4Chan” was the one who released the naked pictures of Kaitlyn, but it is not known if it was the same that leaked the images and videos of Paige and Summer Rae.

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