University Cyber Security TrainingImage from San Jose University, California.

Cyber security issues and threats are constantly on the media these days and the issue of information security will continue to top the headlines. Incidents such as cyber attacks from China, Russia, Israel, and talk of cyber warfare and spying between nations and groups makes the news everyday and specially for Americans the subjects is a very important topic, since the US is still the main economy of the world, therefore the main target.

Cyber security training has become very relevant and infosec professionals that maintain the privacy and safety of information systems and computer networks vital to the proper working of governments and organizations are highly sought after these days.

Cyber criminals and hackers often target firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs), and access controls to penetrate business networks, cause damage and /or steal information. And a cyber security skills shortage makes things even worse for developed nations that need to keep up with current threats and attacks.

But cyber security education is available for those interested in the subject or seeking requalification. At this point, all levels are welcome since the organizations are still finding out how to structure themselves to protect all their systems. Information security education is available through training, online and offline classes and even college level and masters on diverse IT topics that tie directly to the security of these systems.

The shortage of skilled professionals in cyber security makes the pay to those available very attractive and colleges like Johns Hopkins University already offer cybersecurity courses that cover a wide range of topics in information security.

Below cybersecurity trainning, education and universities:

technoloman_umuc-university-of-maryland_logoUniversity of Maryland Cybersecurity program

University of BellevueUniversity of Bellevue Cybersecurity education

technoloman_university_of_dallas_logoUniversity of Maryland Cybersecurity program

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