Florida Marketing Campaign: Sunny and Cloudy at the same time

Florida Marketing Campaign: Perfect Business Climate Florida has long spent advertising money promoting its tourism, with state spending reaching $75 million this year. But a new initiative wants to promote the state as a high tech business haven. The campaign “Perfect Business Climate” by Enterprise Florida, a public/private partnership, would be Florida’s first state-funded outreach designed to entice businesses to set up shop in the Sunshine State and generate good-paying jobs.

According to the Sun Sentinel, the marketers, using $1.1 million of private contributions, came up with ads depicting elaborate sand sculptures projecting images that reflect Florida’s workforce and growing industries — laptops, helicopters, rockets, jets and trucks. An aerospace engineer and a spaceman. A businesswoman toting a briefcase. A shipyard and a medical lab.

One of the ads say “Florida already has the resources you need on the ground. And yet very little to weigh you down — including low corporate taxes, 0 percent personal income tax and an extremely pro-business regulatory environment.”

The campaign includes a marketing video of a beach lounger swiping a tablet that displays Florida bragging points: gateway to Latin America, No. 2 in the nation for aviation and aerospace (behind California), the 21st largest economy in the world.

Enterprise Florida wants to use state money to expand this campaign to reach executives in places such as New York, Chicago, Washington, Atlanta and Dallas as well as foreign markets in Europe, Britain, China, Japan, Mexico and Brazil.

The promoters hope to catch up to other states that spend many millions to promote themselves. According to the Florida Chamber of Commerce, New York spends a whopping $140 million for business marketing, California $50 million, Connecticut $27 million, Michigan $25 million and Texas $21 million.

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