Gamestop promises to blow minds with the new retail experience on Microsoft Azure cloud

GameStop logo on a store front Video game retailer GameStop on Monday announced that its GameStop Technology Institute business unit has added a new partner: Microsoft. As part of the collaboration, GameStop will use Microsoft’s Azure cloud-powered network to take “retail innovation to the next level.”

The retailer adds that it will tap into Microsoft’s Azure, which is also behind some of the Xbox One’s cloud-powered services like those used to run Titanfall’s multiplayer, to “enhance the in-store engagement of its customers in interactive, informative, and entertaining ways.”

Using smartphones and Windows tablets, customers will be able to view trailers and other promotional materials. GameStop’s sales associates will provide a “personalized shopping experience” based on its customers’ history. Azure will also power trailers streaming to 4K televisions in GameStop stores and an in-store shopping cart for customers.

Primarily Azure will be used as a streaming platform to deliver videos and the like to customers and staff. This content will also be pushed to those who have agreed to receive marketing information from the company. Microsoft Azure will also power the streaming of 4K trailers in-store and power some kind of digital in-store mobile shopping cart.

A report from late last year claimed that Microsoft is building a cloud-based service called “Arcadia” to stream apps and games, powered by Azure technology.

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