Gaming and nerd culture Youtubers are favorites in Brazil

Brazilian youtubers that make videos about games and nerd culture are favorites between readers of G1 news a portal from Rede Globo in Brazil. From all submissions received, 80% voted for these channels. The YouTube channel Jovem Nerd appears as the most cited and “Cellbits,” by the young Rafael Lange, was also remembered. He was one of the interviewees in G1 series, “Profession Youtuber”. According to G1, a Brazilian youtuber with between 500 000 and 1 million subscribers can earn from R$ 6000 up to R$ 50K per month, counting just the revenue generated by ads.

Among the most cited research by the G1:

‘Majority pulls the sexy’, says ‘malena0202’, which has 680 000 fans in her channel. She has been recognized on Disney and uses YouTube to pay for college.

In the case of young Malena Nunes, 19, the tradition of breaking expectations started a generation earlier. Because her mother was a fan of “Crash Bandicoot” and more recently the series “Assassin’s Creed”, she began to play games and make videos about them. She does not deny the fact that “being a girl” has helped to grow her channel – “there are not a lot of women on YouTube” – but she believes (and rightly so) that has an advantage:. “They always bring the sexy factor, but I am different. I am silly “jokes Malena.

Rafael Lange, the Cellbit, make videos of games for 490 000 followers.┬áHe says that his laughs and cries are natural: ‘I consider myself a clown’.

In small Carazinho in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, the 17 year old Rafael Lange is just another newly graduated high school student. In his games channel on YouTube, however, that’s another story. The nickname “Cellbit” takes control and makes jokes and grimaces to eight times more people the population of his hometown. The range is so great that the youtuber came to be expelled from Brasil Game Show (BGS) in 2014 because of the crowding of fans. And, while he does not think devote to something else. “It’s what I love and I will until the end. I want to go to college just to have somewhere to go if everything goes very wrong,” he says.

Pedro Afonso, the ‘RezendeEvil’, was a goalie keeper on a team in Italy.┬áVideos on his YouTube channel are viewed 30 million times per month

Being a football player is a dream to a lot of kids in Brazil. And was also Pedro Afonso’s dream, 18 years. He played professionally and came out of Londrina (PR) to be keeper of a team in Italy. But earlier this year, another childhood dream, more modern and digital, brought him back to Brazil. Since then, he has focused on “RezendeEvil” his channel of videos of “Minecraft” (playing with building blocks) on YouTube. The dedication paid off: the audience was rising and now the videos are viewed 30 million times per month.

Zangado uses guise of ‘V for Vendetta’ on gamer videos on YouTube. With a degree in engineering, the youtuber splits time between the two professions.

It is with a mask of Guy Fawkes, the one from the movie “V for Vendetta”, symbol of the demonstrations that took Brazil in June 2013, that Thiago “Zangado” presents to its 1.8 million fans on YouTube. Having never publicly shown his face since he started posting videos of games on the web, five years ago, says that the reason was to begin recording the will to protest. In the case against a bad game. His anonymity goes to this day. However, for privacy reasons. “I do not trust the internet,” he says.

Max Francisco has been doing digital projects in Brazil and the US for the last 15 years.