Google AdSense Dead?! Ways to revive it and make more money from ads

Adsense Blocking controls section.

Let’s face it. Google Adsense has gone downhill and it’s not and may never be what it once was. Many bloggers made money in the beginning of the platform (2004ish) exclusively from ads shown on their website. But those days are long gone.

Google ad serving platform for publishers has seen a decline in profits for publishers due to ad blocking and even ad blindness. Some companies and browsers simply block any ad networks to avoid cybersecurity risks and privacy concerns. Due to that, advertisers don’t get the exposure they are looking for, and publishers looking to capitalize on that, also don’t get expected returns.

For publishers, there are options out there for monetizing their content, but you need to have one thing in mind if you want to make any decent money online. There are no shortcuts. You need traffic to monetize and make money from any website. Low traffic and unengaged public won’t cut it and you will end up getting frustrated.

How do I make money as a publisher in 2020

To make money online as a publisher, you need to bring lots of traffic, so stick to a subject that you know and run with it. Create a lot of content and engagement and that traffic will come. Grow your website with guides, long form articles and engage your public on other social media. They will start reading your content on a constant basis and engaging, therefore sharing and indicating that content to others interested in that topic. That is the only way to grow traffic in 2020.

To make things easier I will list here a few quick and easy things to do to bring traffic in 2020.

1: Experiment with content freshness: remove old content and update relevant content

Leaving old content on your website that doesn’t add any information, doesn’t bring traffic and simply does not do anything for you is not good. In simple terms, thing of it as bulk. The internet is full of that. How can you make a difference? A simple way to do content freshness. Remove old content, redirect those URLS to relevant articles if they have any traffic, and work on new good content. If you still get traffic on old pages, update that content with fresh content such as: “the scene in 2020” meaning, you are updating that topic with fresh happenings. This allows Google to see that there’s regular activity on the page and new content. Content freshness is an SEO hack people do to drive traffic to your website in a big way.

2: Get your content on other media, not only your website

Social media is known for content amplification but just publishing and sharing on social media is not enough. You need to create an engaged community around your content and your pages. Turn your Facebook page, into a group as well. And share content from other people there. That will help bring new followers. Write on and other content publishing sites. Getting access to writing on these sites means your content is reviewed for quality. Writing on there is not easy so if you get that chance, use that content to build your authority and link back to your website. (More on building links below.) Make sure you are on Youtube too as video is an easy way to consume content.

3: Build links to your website every chance you get

This is a wide topic but basically, it has to do with getting your website linked to from other websites. This is the most hard part of SEO and one that Google still uses as an indication of authority on a specific topic. It doesn’t matter if you buy links. You need links from relevant and equally authoritative sites. News publishers and other good media have editorial boards to approve relevancy of content and take that very serious. Buying links usually brings you lower quality links. So you need to get to work here. Write and publish decent content always. And then send that content to people. But send it and follow up, and ask for a mention, ask for that backlink.

There are many articles out there on how to build links and they talk about: guest posting, reaching out, finding dead links, offering better content, etc… there are many techniques to get links to your website but they are have one thing in common: you need to offer value!

Ok you talked about how to bring traffic. I already have traffic and don’t make money from ads. How can I do that?

On a practical note, once you have traffic, all that’s left to do is optimize your website for ad visibility and clicks without sacrificing the user experience. One of the ways to optimize the ads that show on your website is to block low paying Cost per Click ads.

Blocking Low Cost per Click Ads from showing on your website and showing high paying keywords on your website

Google AdSense allows you to block certain category and certain ads, in the sense that doing that you will be showing more relevant ads on your website and that in turn bring more decent traffic. To Block ads on your websites, use Google Adsense’s Blocking Controls section. The new Blocking Controls, allow you to block each specific ad while the old blocking controls section allowed you to block per category.

You can load a list of low paying ads by searching for them or browsing through the ads that AdSense shows you like below. You can click each ads to see more information such as how many times the ads were shown, etc…

Another way to increase your clicks is simply by writing content using the keywords that pay the most on Google network.

These are some of the best paying keywords. These are keyword that advertisers pay more per click, therefore if these ads show on your website based on your content, you can make some of that money. Some of these keywords are: insurance, higher education, technology, cloud, hosting, etc… anything that has to do with advertisers competing between each other for online traffic. Below is a list of ads that show on my website and have the most impressions.

Ads with most impressions on my website.
Ads with most impressions on my website.

Many publishers already recommend removing Adsense completely from your website if you dont have traaffic or simply if you are looking for higher earnings. In their view, the tradeoff of content space and ads is not worth it if this platform is not paying enough. SO they instead focus on affiliates, higher paying networks such as Taboola or Outbrain or other content discovery networks. Or even selling their own products.

But AdSense is an alternative for many small publishers that don’t want or don’t know to how to make money online as large publishers. Adsense is so simple, making it a great starting point for small bloggers. How to stay on top of the latest AdSense happenings and find out if people are make money from it and how? Follow these AdSense influencers that are constantly experimenting with new networks and formats.

Adsense Influencers and ad technology publishers to follow in 2020

AdPushup: ad technology for publishers and advertisers Tools for publishers, many articles on and even a course about Ad Tech. These are indsutry insiders and it’s a great idea to follow them and keep an eye on their latest dscoveries.

Ezoic: Ezoic is a digital technology platform for publishers make more money from their content. Besides they publish awesome and insightful content on have developed a reputation as being a “friend to publishers”. They have Ad Testers, Layout Testers, between other tools. Their monetizing and ad placement category of articles is the most complete I have ever seen.

Shout Me Loud: This is a bloggers blog. It teaches you all about blogging and its AdSense section is very complete and highly sought after. This is an Indian bloggers and his followers in India have a high intertest in AdSense as a platform to make money on their websites.

List of bloggers and small publishers making money from AdSense in 2020

I’m looking to start a list of bloggers and small publishers that are REALLY making money from AdSense in 2020. Can you help me with that? Google used to publish on Youtube, a few publishers that were making money on their platform but they haven’t published any new ones in 4 years. In interested in getting an updated list and possibly how much they make from the platform. Comment below with blogs that make money on Google Adsense or get in touch with us here? Neil Patel hates it! 🙂 Every publishers will be verified and this article will be updated with their blog.

Max Francisco has been doing digital projects in Brazil and the US for the last 15 years.