New McAfee brand revealed as the company leaves Intel Security

The new Mcafee logo.

Global security software company Intel Security has gone back to its original title as McAfee as part of a larger rebrand. Originally founded back in 1987, McAfee took its name from its founder and former software tycoon John McAfee. However, McAfee’s scandalous personal life resulted in the company being renamed Intel Security in 2014.

This is all apparently water under the bridge now though, as the company is returning to its original name. Accompanying this rebrand is a new logo design and wordmark that retains elements from the old regime.

The new website is already up with the new logo and new slogan: Together is Power.

The new Mcafee logo.

Intel Security reverts back to McAfee, despite some controversy surrounding the name. The decision to reinstate the McAfee name wasn’t made lightly, as the team were keenly aware of the baggage associated with it. “It is something we definitely considered,” says Allison Cerra, chief marketing officer at Intel Security. “But John McAfee has not been associated with this company for 25 years.

“What we found is that no matter the market, no matter the segment, ‘McAfee’ is synonymous with cyber security, because in our industry we have a thousand competitors vying for the cyber security wallet,” Cerra adds. “When you are consistently well-known across multiple geographies and across multiple segments that is huge brand equity value that you can take to the bank.”

The familiar shield icon is gone, but the red colour scheme is carried over, and what resembles a shield is now in place. Backed-up by extensive consumer research, the team at McAfee are confident that people are aware that John McAfee is no longer associated with the company.

The old Mcafee logo.

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