Corporate antivirus or Endpoint Security are computer security software intended to protect a companies computers and assets from electronic threats. As companies usually have more than just PCs, these security software usually need to protect also Macs and other operation systems such as Linux, Smartphones and even older phones, servers and other peripherals on the company’s network.

Security for companies intends to protect the data from virus and malware, being deleted, being sent or copied to unwanted 3rd parties, and to manage these protections usually a very important feature for a company is the ability to control and configure all of that make security assessments of each computer and network from a central point.

Between the features of security for businesses are included antivirus software, antispam, content filtering for web navigation, email protection against phishing for example, mobile security, data security, firewall management, intrusion prevention and even backup of the data. All that bundled into one software that can be controlled from each computer or from the administrators console. This centralized management allows remote configuration over the network, installation and since companies want to control the programs from a central console, get virus reports and use of each machine, among other functions.

Corporate antivirus protect and manage all devices in your company.
Corporate antivirus protect and manage all devices in your company.

The corporate antivirus typically has fewer ‘fancier’ functions than the domestic, as the company’s main objective is to let the machines protected and avoid misuse of the devices and the data on them. Some features found on corporate antivirus and not on domestic antivirus are: Centralized management console, Remote deployment, patch management and updates, Policy and application control, Change monitoring and file control, File, folder and disk encryption between other features.

Often, machines may vary from one company setting, so this version should be possible to be installed on multiple operating system versions and can work well on old and obsolete computers, as well as in current computers.

Here’s PCMags, take on security for companies: “Antivirus software developers have responded with products that protect all points of entry—e-mail gateways, Web browsers, file servers, and desktops—and offer centralized control for deploying, configuring, and updating.”

Endpoint security should protect even your oldest computers.
Endpoint security should protect even your oldest computers.

Flexibility of devices and Operational Systems

The corporate versions of antivirus software usually serve also for servers with operating systems such as Windows Server, or Linux, and have versions for email server security, gateways, storage (storage), among others.

These solutions need to be easy to manage and configure across these different devices, as well as maintain these machines ecosystem operating normally during the update of the solutions, and avoid extra load on endpoints that could be outdated by using old operational systems that for some reason couldn’t be replaced yet. Endpoint security solutions should not impact business productivity so also try to avoid multiple agents so it’s not yet another process running on your machines.

Pricing and how to buy antivirus for your company

With the high amount of vendors on the endpoint security market, a potential buyer can have a hard time making sense of options since the same marketing language on all of them are pretty much the same. To dig deeper, Joshua Goldfarb at Dark Reading helped us separate fact from fiction by playing a game of twenty questions about endpoint security. Make sure to check it out.

When talking to resellers and VARs that provide these security solutions, make sure to ask about the solutions ability to:

  1. Prevent and detect, by blocking malicious code and prevent infection. That part has always been essential among corporate antivirus options.
  2. Another factor, is providind the capability to analyze, investigate, and perform forensics on the endpoint and across multiple different endpoints on your company network.
  3. And finally, check also it’s response ability, so you can contain and remediate endpoints breaches remotely.

Here are the corporate security products we feature so far: