University student vanishes in Brazil leaving 14 encrypted books and a lot of unanswered questions

Brazilian boy disappeared left a paiting in his room.

The young Bruno de Melo Silva Borges, 24, has been missing since last Monday (April 27 2017). Bruno was last seen during a family lunch, in the city of Rio Branco, in Acre. The case took over the internet: upon entering the young man’s room, the family found the walls filled with messages, Gnostic symbols, a statue of the philosopher Giordano Bruno, which was estimated at $ 7,000 and 14 books encrypted written by the young man himself by hand.

1 page of 14 encrypted books was photographed and unveiled.

The encrypted books are in the possession of Acre Civil Police, which is also investigating the case. According to the coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department (DIC), all possibilities are being considered, but the case remains confidential.

The walls on the kids room were all written.
The walls on the kids room were all written.

Despite this, a page of the 14 encrypted books was photographed and posted on the internet. It did not take long to be decrypted and the content of the text reveals some ideas written by Bruno before his disappearance.

The director of Anticipe, vulnerability management platform, Igor Rincon, and his development leader, Renoir dos Reis, set up a website called “Decipher the Book” to help decrypt other pages that may arise. The problem is, since the books are in possession of the Civil Police there is no way for the decryption work to go forward – unless the pages are released for public notice. So far, the page that has been photographed is the one can see right here.

The page that has been decrypted.

According to Bruno de Melo’s mother, the young man has no psychological problems. “He is enlightened. In school he has always been differentiated, a born leader, with a high power of persuasion. He is such a good-hearted boy, he gave things from home to others, like T-shirts and pants. ” commented his mother.

4chan and Reddit already have several threads about the case.

A temporal indication was necessary to find a pattern

TecMundo talked with Igor Rincon to understand the pattern found on Bruno’s page that was posted on the internet. “I found the text on the internet. I found the ‘700’ and, as it is a large number, I deduced that ‘LO’ would refer to ‘AC’ or ‘DC’,” explained the starting point of the text decryption. Behind the date, I tried to deduce the words that are most common when referring to an old text, and then I found the patterns.”

Rincon and Renoir even put the encrypted characters on a physical keyboard to better understand the encryption pattern. According to Renoir, the idea now is to “centralize all these documents, break the encryption and make it available to everyone.”

Below, you see the picture of the keyboard with the characters.

Keyboard with corresponding encrypted characters in Brazil.

In addition, Bruno de Melo left a “key” for anyone who found the books to decrypt it. In this case, this “key” is a guide to facilitate the decoding. The family claims that Bruno’s writings were made “with the use of at least four different codes.”

The key to decrypt the books.
The key to decrypt the books.

Bruno’s family also comments that they seeks help in deciphering the books. “Some things we’ve been able to translate, but it’s a lot of content. Someone who is a specialist might try to do it faster, but there are a lot of people looking for us and we have a hard time distinguishing who really understands and who is curious,” said the sister Of the missing boy.

Many things make this case very interesting, and one of them is the fact that the vanished kid does look at lot like Giordano Bruno, which was burned by the Inquisition and had left behind many unfinished books. According to a brazilian artist, the brazilian boy would be the reincarnation of the Italian priest.

Bruno Borges and Giordano Bruno do look alike.
Bruno Borges and Giordano Bruno do look alike.
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