Video of naked couple on top of a pyramid causes scandal in Egypt

Couple naked on top of Egypt pyramids.

The Egyptian government asked prosecution to investigate a video posted on social networks in which a couple are seen climbing one of the three pyramids of Giza and ending with the two nude at the top. In a statement, Egyptian Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani called for “necessary action” on the case of a video filmed by a “foreign couple”, in addition to the publication of a photograph that “attempts agains morals”.

Al Anani sent the case to the Egyptian General Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the material published by the couple, who allegedly climbed one of the pyramids at night, according to the statement. On the other hand, the state news agency MENA said that on social networks was released “a video published by a Danish photographer in which he appears climbing the great pyramid at night with his friend and recording scenes of debauchery at the end of last month”.

MENA refers to the text published by the Danish photographer, identified as Andreas Hvid, with his colleague Josephine Sarah in his account of the social network Instagram and the platform YouTube. On December 5, photographer Andreas Hvid posted a video on his YouTube account in which he commented in the description that he and his friend climbed the pyramid of Khufu “fearing being seen by many guards” and that it occurred, according to Hvid, ” at the end of November 2018, “without giving an accurate date. The authenticity of this video, however, could not be verified so far.

Youtube video below.

In the three-minute video, one can see how the couple climb one of the pyramids at night and is supposed to be at the top, where in the last twenty seconds of recording the woman begins to take off her clothes, being half-naked. At the end of the shoot, a still image of the fully naked couple appears practicing a sexual position taken with the dawn light.

In the Instagram account of the Danish photographer were published several images taken from the top of various buildings and structures, including one in which also appears a half-naked woman on a bridge in Budapest, an image similar to the one supposedly realized in Egypt.

It is not the first time that this type of controversy takes place on the three pyramids of Giza. In 2015, young German Andrej Ciesielski was arrested and expelled forever from Egypt for trespassing on the top of one of the pyramids. In addition, in March 2017, Belgian model Marisa Papen posed naked on the esplanade of the Giza pyramids and was later held for a day at the Karnak temple in Luxor when she took off her clothes for another photo shoot.

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