WhatsApp Marketing and Sales for Small Business

Jared Kushner using whatsapp.

Small Companies have already realized that working with WhatsApp Marketing is one of the best ways to expand their contact base, close new sales and facilitate communication with potential customers. Whoever wants to learn a new language or buy a product from a store, for example, can now do everything directly through WhatsApp these days. It is also possible to serve the customer, be used as a conversational hub, as a useful tool for HR, do research, do team training, selection processes, courses, teach languages​​… etc.

WhatsApp Business, a version for yes, Business, is already modernizing, now it allows creating catalogs in commercial profiles. Brands are able to send information about a product or service to customers. All with photo, price and other details such as description, link and code. Even Jared Kushner was caught using Whatsapp for business in the White House.

In this article, we will talk about using WhatsApp as a sales tool, bringing valuable tips for you to prepare a strategic plan and get your business off the ground. You will find out what you need to get started, how to approach a customer via WhatsApp, how to get organized, how to advertise through WhatsApp to get closer to the audience and more.

How small businesses can advertise on WhatsApp

First, it’s important to understand why to use Whatsapp. In countries like Brazil, where SMS and calls have a high cost, Whatsapp came to stay and became the communication tool of the masses. It’s free, complete and it’s fun. You can send messages, pictures and videos, and audios, and some countries create lots of it. They spend their days on the tool exchanging information and media.

To have an efficient use of WhatsApp, you need to plan. Otherwise, you will only send scattered messages that will confuse the consumer. With method, everything is clear and organized. To make a plan, write down all your goals when using WhatsApp marketing. Then, list the strategies you will use. Make a schedule, with clear actions.

Don’t go around adding everyone without permission. Tell customers that your business always presents promotions and interesting information to the best customers. The acceptance rate will be higher than you think.

1. Spread the company’s WhatsApp on other channels

It is important to have a marketing strategy integrated with other channels. Start by posting the company number on them. By using all means of interaction, you will bring more people to your contact list. Use some posts from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to disclose the application number. Also, make it evident on the company’s website. When talking to a customer directly, ask them if they prefer communication via WhatsApp.

2. Create groups and Segment your customers into specific groups

One of the most interesting tactics is the use of groups. The big advantage is the possibility of reaching different types of customers. The groups are valid both to retain consumers and to attract new consumers. Imagine a situation where you ask group members to pass on your message in exchange for a discount. You will increase the scope of your company without investment.

In addition, groups are important for you to notify your audience about promotions, concerts, events, campaigns and what else your company has to offer. The number of people who will know the brand is large and at a practically zero price. Segmentation is important for any marketing project. Through it, you can understand the characteristics of your target audience, and then direct your message to them. By adapting the language to the consumer, you increase the chance of selling, bringing in new customers and retaining old ones.

3: Ask for permission to add customers

In marketing everything must be done with caution, because we are dealing, above all, with the image of the business. If you are too aggressive, your customers will think you are pushing the bar. And that will bring big losses. That way, don’t go around adding everyone without permission. Tell customers that your business always presents promotions and interesting information to the best customers. The acceptance rate will be higher than you think.

4: Newsletter

The newsletter is for you to show your customers the news of your business that will benefit them. You can send messages directly in the application or, if you prefer, send the link to the page on your website. This is an efficient strategy to get the user to perform other actions on the site. Since consumers will receive messages instantly, keep up with messages, sending one every week or two.

5: Customer Service

Service, for obvious reasons, is one of the most basic functions of WhatsApp. This shows that your business gives direct and immediate attention to the customer. Basically, telephone service means increased sales and customer acquisition.
You can answer questions, close sales and offer support, all in minutes. Depending on the type of business, you can contact the customer yourself, which will save your business over the phone.

This sushi restaurant has me on their list and sends me a message on Whatsapp everyday when they open and are ready for delivery.
This sushi restaurant has me on their list and sends me a message on Whatsapp everyday when they open and are ready for delivery.

6: Conduct sweepstakes, send ‘audio and / or video messages

The draw is a simple and old tactic, but very effective. Quickly, the message of your company is propagated on the networks by the people who want to participate.
If the content of the message is well done, it can even go viral, reaching a large number of users, which would be difficult even in paid campaigns. The big advantage is that the draw costs very little for the company.

WhatsApp has an excellent function for exchanging messages: audio. Unlike other chats, it is possible to send a voice recording. This speeds up communication, as you don’t have to type text, which on many cell phones is complicated. Use this feature for your company, as it will make negotiation or support faster.
Videos are interesting because you can use several approaches. You can present a product or service, showing the advantages of buying it, and how it can solve the consumer’s problem. It can clarify frequently asked questions that the public has. You can also submit testimonials from satisfied customers.

7: Frequency and posts

Maintaining a frequency is important because you create bonds with the consumer. However, you need to know the right message strength. If you know the right shipping number, you’ll keep a healthy distance, and it won’t look like you’re desperate to sell. There is no rule that applies to all businesses in this regard. You should study your audience to see if they are more susceptible to messages or not. If you find that your audience doesn’t use WhatsApp that much, don’t bother them with too many messages. That’s because your business will be too visible to him. And it can irritate you.

8: Have a specific number for the business and not your personal number (unless you are the business)

One of the mistakes of entrepreneurs who use WhatsApp is to pass their personal number to consumers. If you do this, in addition to confusing day-to-day contacts with customers, you will place the business in a field where it should not be. That way, you can also offer customer-only support. Your employees will be able to use the application to answer questions and make sales. If you have the unique number for the brand, you can put it on all channels, in flyers and in any marketing campaign you do.

9: Save contacts on the phone

Your company’s contacts must be saved on the phone for the application to scan and find everyone. Pay attention to the configuration of your cell phone or smartphone. Each has specific means of saving numbers. Some, by factory setting, do not save correctly, so that if you have a problem with the device or the chip, you will not be able to access the data.
If you have a large number of customers, it’s okay to have more than one chip. This second will be used as a “backup” of the contacts. In addition, depending on the size of your business, it is useful and recommended to have more than one device. In addition to ensuring greater security for contacts, the form of communication with the customer will be optimized.

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